I had the pleasure of working with Elab for the last two years of my high school education. Even then, it was difficult for me to determine a field of study that would interest me. Fortunately, the opportunity to talk one-on-one with students of the universities I was interested in, allowed me to make the right decision and focus on the application process, through which I was guided by professional hands 🙂 The help offered by Elab is not only a time saver, but above all a guarantee that all the requirements of the university are met during the application process.

The opportunity to meet and prepare for entrance exams with mentors already studying in our dream field of study takes us one step ahead of other applicants 🙂

In my case, the application process went smoothly and was successful. From September I am starting my studies in the field of Aerospace Engineering in Delft (the Netherlands). I recommend approaching Elab to all those who are undecided about the field of study as well as those who have doubts about the application process itself.

Nicholas S