We used ELAB’s help this year in connection with our daughter’s application to universities in the Netherlands. From the very beginning, I assessed the assistance in this area as very professional, individual, tailored to the client’s needs. Although the price of the service is high, the package of services that is offered in exchange is really vast, and the knowledge provided cannot be acquired on your own on the internet. I recommend ELAB 100% and I would like to thank Mr. Krzysztof very much – I appreciate his professionalism, commitment and high personal culture.

After this experience, I can only say that the sooner someone decides to work with ELAB, the more they will benefit. It is best to do this when the child is in the 3rd year of high school (and at the beginning) – ELAB not only helps in the application process, but as part of the service it carries out psychological tests that will show the child’s abilities and predispositions, suggest educational paths and professions in which he or she will be best fulfilled. On this basis (and of course after the interview with the candidate), ELAB helps in the selection of universities and courses. The sooner a high school student makes this choice, the more time they will have to prepare properly, because the requirements of the university vary.

Marta M