From my own experience, I heartily recommend working with Elab. There was efficient and continuous communication from their side and any doubts were almost immediately clarified. Elab communicated with universities and looked for solutions to my individual needs. I felt listened to and constantly supported by consultants and mentors. The company does not let the client feel alone and has a specific plan according to which it operates and makes sure that everything in the recruitment process runs smoothly. I didn’t have any problems with preparing complicated documentation and registering for the exam. All the information I needed was made available on an ongoing basis and the deadlines were adhered to. The mentors, always smiling, were a great support for knowledge. The recruitment process with the help of Elab was broken down into stages and this certainly took a huge amount of stress off me. Luckily, I am now studying medicine in sunny Italy. Thank you and I will always be grateful.

Gabriela S