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Each year, Elab empowers students by facilitating over 1,000 university applications across Europe, the USA, and Canada. Our programs are carefully designed to cater to individual needs, breaking down into essential services as follows:

Preliminary Diagnostics & Psychometric tests

Elab’s consultants utilize internationally recognised psychometric tests to assist students in their final years of high school to identify their strengths, interests, and aspirations. These insights pave the way for informed decisions about their future studies and potential career paths.

University Recommendation Report & Personalized Shortlist

Drawing from the insights from our diagnostics and psychometric evaluations, Elab leverages its expertise and direct contacts with university recruiters to research and identify the optimal university options in Europe, the USA, or Canada for each student. These tailored recommendations are encapsulated in an exhaustive report, detailing essential information such as course details, university requirements, rankings, application procedures, tuition fees, and critical deadlines. Armed with this report, students are equipped to build their ideal university shortlist, ensuring a custom-fit academic journey aligned with their unique aspirations and strengths.

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Application Documentation Support

Using the student’s university shortlist, crafted with Elab’s help, our consultants and mentors guide students through the process of preparing and perfecting their application documents. We ensure everything is submitted in the correct format and within the necessary timelines, also providing hands-on support with additional challenges like portfolios, entrance exam prep, and navigating university application portals for final submissions.

Exam preparation

Many popular university courses require entrance exams or language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT’s, GRE, GMAT, IMAT, BMAT, UCAT, or HPAT. Achieving high scores is crucial for our clients’ success. Using tutors, mentors, and professional partner companies, Elab ensures students are more than ready to meet the challenge and secure a competitive edge in the admissions process.

Elab's Serices - study abroad with Elab
Elab's Serices - study abroad with Elab

Financing & Scholarship Opportunities

Elab provides students with valuable insights into available grants, loans, and scholarships, guiding them through the requirements and application steps. Furthermore, we feature an exclusive Sport USA scholarship program, specifically crafted for the goals of top-tier athletes.


Elab provides students with essential student accommodation information during their journey of selecting and applying to universities. After accepting an offer, students are provided with steps on how to apply for university accommodation or explore local housing options in the specific area.

Elab's Serices - study abroad with Elab
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High Schools & summer courses

Elab’s global partnerships with educational institutions offers students access to a range of boarding schools and specialised summer programs, tailored to boost our students’ educational journey and personal growth. Our support, from selecting destinations, schools, or extracurricular activities, ensures a perfect fit to match their goals and enhance their subsequent university applications.

European Universities

Elab Applicants Most Popular Choices

University QS Ranking Country No. Applications
University of Amsterdam (UvA) 53 Netherlands 104
Vrije University Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) 207 Netherlands 72
University of the Arts London 2 UK 63
Trinity College Dubiln 81 Ireland 59
University of Groningen 139 Netherlands 52
Tilburg University 371 Netherlands 46
Maastricht University 256 Netherlands 44
University College Dublin (UCD) 171 Ireland 39
Leiden University 126 Netherlands 34
Eindhoven University of Technology 124 Netherlands 32
Erasmus University Totterdam 176 Netherlands 32
Fontys University of Applied Sciences   Netherlands 31
Utrecht University 107 Netherlands 30
University of Twente 210 Netherlands 30
Radbound University 222 Netherlands 30
University College London 9 UK 27

USA Universities

Top Universities that Elab Applicants applied in 2024

      • Brown University

      • University of California Berkeley

      • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

      • Princeton University

      • Yale University

      • University of Pennsylvania

      • Columbia University

      • University of New York

    • Harvard University



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