Study a degree abroad in Europe in English

  • Choose from the best universities in Europe
  • Complete a degree in English and maximise your career prospects
  • Manage various applications and deadlines
  • Gain valuable work experience in global corporations
  • Make lasting contacts across Europe

Europe Program

European Union
16–18 years
3–6 months

Key Features

  • Dedicated consultant
  • Personalised classroom
  • Professional webinars & library documents
  • Exam and interview prep
  • Mobile app


  • Full information on courses and destinations
  • Application process advice
  • Progress and deadlines monitored
  • Simple online parent review
  • Mentor support.

Program overview

Our Europe programs are designed to allow students to apply to multiple European countries and universities. Students and parents will learn about the opportunities, benefits and costs of the various jurisdictions, before narrowing their search.

Since the application requirements, deadlines and platforms often differ, students on this program are supported by consultants to submit top quality applications and achieve a place in a university of their dreams.

Why study abroad

Universities in Europe, especially the UK, offer a huge range of courses taught in English by some of the best universities in the world. Studying abroad allows school leavers to broaden their horizons, gain world recognised degrees, study their specialisation in a common language, and make friends and connections from around the world.

However it can be a daunting task to find the right course in the right country for you, and then go through the application process without help from a professional company like Elab. This program delivers advice and support from start to finish and maximises your chance of a place in a university of your dreams.

University admission in 5 easy steps

  • Introduction
  • Diagnostics
  • Personal Profile Map
  • Research
  • University Report
  • Final application choices
  • Application process plan
  • Mentor Program
  • Exam and Interview prep
  • Document completion
  • Application portal setup
  • Submission
  • Acceptance
  • Pre-departure procedures
  • Finances
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What we offer

Step 1 Introduction, Diagnostics, Personal Profile

Students are introduced to the program and using diagnostic tests and interviews, a personal profile is built to outline strengths, interests, and aspirations.

Step 2 Questionnaire, university research, report and final selections

Students are provided with Elab library documents about courses, options, universities, or different destinations and costs. Students complete a further questionnaire to facilitate the preparation of a detailed report on recommended universities and courses. From this report students will need to select their shortlist of university to begin their application process.

Step 3 Application planning and preparation

Course requirements and deadlines for the selected universities are added to student's personalised classrooms. Students are informed on how to complete documents, the deadlines, and introduced to mentors who will assist them. Students are also provided with advice and information on the necessity and availability of extracurricular activities. These depend on the course and ranking of the university. Preparation for entrance exams or language proficiency tests are planned and commenced.

Step 4 Document completion, submission & exam or interview prep

The process of gathering and finalising documents is completed. Consultants review the application before submission. Any necessary entrance exams or proficiency tests are completed, and results submitted.

Step 5 Acceptance and Relocation

Applicants receive university offers and confirm acceptance of the preferred choice. Applicants are provided with information on grants and scholarships and assisted with applications. Applicants also receive information on accommodation, visas, and other relocation information.

We’ve helped our students get into these schools:

University of Amsterdam
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
University of Groningen
Maastricht University
Eindhoven University of Technology

Who is this program for?

This program is ideal for students who:

  • Aspire to study in an international environment
  • Find the choices overwhelming and don’t know where to start
  • Need someone to guide and motivate them
  • Want to significantly enhance their chances of a successful application

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