Discover your strengths and potential career path

  • Recognised psychometric/diagnostic test
  • Build your objective personal profile
  • Identify your strengths and potential career paths
  • Great motivational tool
  • Raises student’s aspirations
  • Identifies study goals.

Mini GR4Uni

Home or Away
14–17 years
3–6 weeks

Key Features

  • Diagnostic Test
  • Mini-report and recommendations
  • Consultancy Meeting and review


  • Identifies personal strengths and potential study paths
  • Support from an experienced consultant
  • Motivational

Starting to think about final year subjects or university? Using recognised psychometric testing and consultancy advice, this programme is designed to identify a student’s strengths and ideal study or career paths.

The program is a great motivator for students to think about the next big step in their lives after school.

Elabs mini GR4U program is aimed at students aged 14 – 17 who are unsure of what or where they want to study and need some preliminary advice. Students get to complete an interesting psychometric test about themselves, receive a report with the results and personal profile, with recommendations.

The student also gets to discuss findings and potential career or study paths with an expert in this field.

What we offer

Step 1 Complete a questionnaire

Internationally recognised diagnostic test

Step 2 Complete psychometric test

Diagnostic report and course recommendations

Step 3 Receive and review results on personal profile and career or study recommendations

Review with an Education Consultant

Who is this program for?

This program is ideal for students who:

  • Need to decide what general study path to choose
  • Aspire to study in an international environment
  • Find the choices overwhelming and don’t know where to start
  • Need someone to guide and motivate them

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