Prepare for your IELTS exam

  • Use our IELTS Preparation Program to enter universities abroad
  • Deepen and improve your communication skills in English in practical study and work situations, to socialize and travel while strengthening your vocabulary and comprehension skills.

IELTS Prep Program

European Union, United Kingdom, United States
3-6 months

Key Features

  • Communication and support of consultant
  • Dedicated teacher
  • Initial assessment
  • Personalized program


  • Language level asessment
  • Personalized program
  • Exam strategy
  • Practice sessions with teacher

Program overview

This program allows you to familiarize yourself with the IELTS exam and prepares you to achieve the best possible score. You will be initially assessed by lecturers on the basis of a study programme.

You will work on mock tests accompanied by experienced teachers, and you will be taught solutions and strategies to improve your final IELTS test scores.

Why study abroad?

In your application to study abroad, your IELTS score is a key requirement for your admission. Preparing for the exam and getting the required score without the help of an experienced lecturer can be somewhat difficult and demotivating.

Thanks to this program you will be able to improve your language level so as to reach the score required by the universities you wish to apply to.

What we offer

  • Language level asessment
  • Online lessons and Exam strategy
  • Access to exam provider materials

Who is this program for?

This program is ideal for applicants who:

  • Aspire to study in an international environment
  • Want to deepen and improve communication skills in English
  • Want to socialize and travel by strengthening their vocabulary and comprehension skills

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