How to get into the University of Sheffield

If you are thinking of studying for a degree in the UK, then there are three major factors which you need to consider: the course you want to study, the university you wish to apply to and where you would like to live. The University of Sheffield ticks all three boxes; it is a top-ranking public research university, ranked 13th in  the UK by THE (2024); it offers a broad range of courses organised into 50 departments and six  faculties, and Sheffield is such an amazing city that 36 percent of its students do not leave on graduating, but settle down to live there permanently.

How to get into Sheffield University – an overview

Sheffield University was established in 1905 when three institutions merged into one. From the very first days of its existence, the university had close ties with the community, as the people of Sheffield contributed what they could, out of their own pockets, to set up Sheffield University. At first, the university served the community in a very practical way, offering non-degree courses in cow-keeping, razor-grinding, railway economics, and mining. Over the years, the university expanded to the current 430 buildings,  and 31,000 students, and became a founding member of the Russell Group of prestigious British universities. Eight Nobel laureates from Sheffield University contributed to our knowledge of high-speed chemical reactions, the citric acid cycle, fullerene, and the development of molecular machines. Sheffield University has close ties with industry and collaborates with companies such as Boeing, Rolls Royce,  Siemens, Unilever, Boots, AstraZeneca, ICI, and Slazenger.

Sheffield University has 180 specialised research institutes, and 250 student exchange partners -including the University of Munich, the University of Melbourne, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the National University of Singapore

The University of Sheffield – rankings

 At present, the University of Sheffield  is ranked:

  • 22nd in Europe for the quality of its teaching
  • 1st in the UK for investment in engineering research
  • in the UK Top 10 for research grants
  • In the UK Top seven for postgraduate enrolment
  • 4th in the UK for architecture
  • Voted Best Student Union virtually every year from 2009 onwards
  • 104th globally (QS, 2024)
  • In global Top Ten for research output
  • In Top Ten of Britain’s most affordable universities

How to get into the University of Sheffield

Step 1:choose a department and a course

Which courses is the University of Sheffield known for?

  • Engineering
  • Urban studies and planning
  • Neurosciences
  • English
  • Medicine

The university has six faculties:

  • Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Medicine, Dentistry and Health and
  • International Faculty, which teaches Business Administration, the EMBA, Humanities and Social Sciences, Computer Science, Psychology. Note, the International faculty is NOT located in Sheffield, but in Thessaloniki, Greece, where it is called CITY College.

In addition, Sheffield University has 180 specialised research institutes, and 250 student exchange partners -including the University of Munich, the University of Melbourne, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the National University of Singapore. It is not surprising that The Times stated that the University of Sheffield  is”one of the powerhouses of British education.” As you can see, when it comes to choosing a course you have virtually unlimited possibilities. Should  you have difficulties deciding which course best suits your interests, abilities and career plans, then Elab is only a phone call or email away, and will help you to make the right decision with you. Our specialist team has sent hundreds of students to study in the UK and we can guide you and put you in touch with current students and mentors, who will answer any questions you may have, and give you an insider’s view of studying in a British university.

Step 2: prepare your application.

Like all British universities, applications for a place at Sheffield are processed through UCAS, the central admissions system. You will need to ensure that you meet the university’s language requirements, IELTS of 6, with 5.5. minimum in each section for undergraduates, and 6.5 for postgraduate studies. Sheffield’s offer rate is around 76.2 percent, and you will need to do well in your secondary school exams, and have a B average, and a GPA of 3/4, 5/7, or 60/100. You will also have to write and upload a Personal Statement and may be invited to interview if you are applying for:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Orthoptics
  • Speech Science
  • Social Work

At present, interviews are being mainly conducted online. Do bear in mind that the acceptance rate varies, with courses like medicine being highly competitive, and accepting 13.8 per cent of those who apply. Applications have to be submitted by the UCAS deadline, which is usually 15 January.You should receive a response by the end of March and, if you are successful, then it is time to move on to the next step – applying for a UK visa.

Step 3: apply for a student visa

Non-British students now have to secure a student visa in order to study in the UK. This is a straightforward process and one which you should start as soon as you receive your offer. The first step is to ask the University of Sheffield for the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), which should include your full name and registration number. It is essential to check whether all the details are correct, including whether any fee payments have been made.

Next, you must prepare the necessary documents which include:

  • A valid passport or travel document.
  • Two passport size colour photographs
  • CAS
  • Original Bank Statements proving that you have enough funds  to cover your first-year tuition fees
  • Academic Qualification Proof as mentioned in the CAS, including official transcripts.
  • Tuberculosis Test Certificate, if applicable.
  • Biometrics at your local Visa Application Centre (In some cases only)
  • If any of the documents are in languages other than English, they should be translated, and details of the translator’s credentials must also be  noted.
  • You must then complete the visa application form online, pay the fees for the visa and the Immigration Health Surcharge.
  • Schedule a visa appointment.
  •  You can check the status of the visa online.

How to get into Sheffield University – accommodation in Sheffield

Sheffield offers students accommodation in a number of halls of residence, or you can decide to rent privately. Students live and study  in two main areas, Western Bank and St George’s, and a pedestrian crossing connects the two. The city is an eclectic mix of very modern buildings and Victorian and Edwardian housing,  which may well affect your decision , and many of the suburbs have the feel of small villages, with cafes and independent shops aplenty. Sheffield is an extremely safe city, and if you decide to rent privately, you should budget £4800-£6500 a year for rent, including internet, insurance and utility bills. If you prefer to join a ready-made community and live in halls, then the first thing you need to look at is the length of the rental contract, since these vary from 42 to 51 weeks. Prices range from £4,742 with a shared bathroom  in Broad Lane Court, in the city, to Laddow Studios’ 51 week contract for £8,890 , or a room with en-suite at Kinder Apartments for £5944. In summary, you will probably need to budget  £1000 per month, including accommodation, to study at the University of Sheffield –  which is below average for studying at a British university.

How to get into Sheffield University – Is Sheffield a good place to study?

Sheffield is traditionally associated with steel-making, but modern Sheffield is actually the only city in the UK that has a national park within its boundaries, and is England’s greenest city, with more trees per person than any other city in the whole of Europe! A short bike ride will find you in the Peak District, a stunning landscape of hills, woods, lakes, and hiking trails, ideal for rambling, climbing, or simply marvelling at the scenery and revising – with a picnic – and trying one of the 1,000 different beers produced by Sheffield’s 57 independent breweries. Sheffield has a population of 578,000, and two universities, so it feels like a student city, with its  vibrant film and arts scene, nightclubs and chic restaurants , galleries, festivals and exhibitions.  Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre is famous for holding the World Snooker Championship, and there are 70 or more music venues to choose from if you want to dance the night away. Sheffield’s residents are well-known for being welcoming and open, taxis are not expensive and the crime rate is very low. Jessica Ennis-Hill is a Sheffield alumnus, and her Olympic gold medals are testimony to the excellent athletics and sporting facilities offered on campus. If you are a football fan, you have the dubious choice of Sheffield United or Sheffield Wednesday to support, or you could look up the road and root for Manchester United or Manchester City, a mere two hours away by train. Diverse, vibrant, boasting excellent facilities, Sheffield University reflects the spirit of its city. The tutors are unanimously acclaimed by former students for being accessible, helpful, and easy to contact. Everyone mentions the award-winning  Information Commons, a unique library /study building, and the excellent teaching. In short, Sheffield University blends the best of the past with the modern world and thrives against a background of natural beauty. Sheffield is an outstanding British university and one which is consistently moving up the Russell Group table.  If you are interested in applying, then do not hesitate to call or email us, here at Elab, so we can work together, talk through your options and choices and organise the paperwork you need to put in an application to study at the University of Sheffield.

  • Introduction
  • Diagnostics
  • Personal Profile Map
  • Research
  • University Report
  • Final application choices
  • Application process plan
  • Mentor Program
  • Exam and Interview prep
  • Document completion
  • Application portal setup
  • Submission
  • Acceptance
  • Pre-departure procedures
  • Finances
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