Yale vs Harvard

Yale vs Harvard-Which is better?

Yale vs Harvard: Both are private, not for profit US Ivy League universities, with very high research output. Both are synonymous with academic excellence, and always feature in the Top Twenty global university rankings. There are, however, differences between them, some minute, others more significant.

This blog will sum up the views of alumni, present students and researchers, to provide you with a well-rounded picture of Yale vs Harvard – so that you can answer the question “which is better?” yourself.

In the end, your verdict will depend on what you value – whether weather conditions and location are important to you, for example – and, of course, on what you intend to study. Harvard has outstanding business and medical schools, while Yale is renowned for its school of law. Similarly, Harvard is ranked No.1 in 12 out of 48 subjects, while Yale is also in the top ten for 12 subjects. As a rough rule of thumb, Yale is stronger in art, music, drama and architecture, while Harvard attracts business-orientated students, and those who wish to study STEM subjects and medicine.

Let us start by looking at areas where there is no, or very little, difference between the universities, namely:

  • on-campus services
  • retention rate
  • SAT requirements of 1450-1560 at Yale, 1470-1560 at Harvard
  • Both Yale and Harvard are need-blind, so you are not obliged to reveal that you will be asking for financial support when you apply. If you are offered a place, the university will cover your needs through a package of financial aid
  • Yale and Harvard each receive 48 inches of rain every year and share cold, icy New England winters
  • graduation rate
  • tuition and accommodation fees are very similar- $75,000 a year, before financial aid​
  • subject tests are recommended at Yale and Harvard, with Harvard asking for two tests, and Yale merely recommending applicants sit one or more subject tests
  • similar class sizes -with the majority of classes having under 20 students
  • similar course offering

What are the differences?

Graduating from Harvard and Yale opens the door to many opportunities, wherever you may find yourself in the world. These universities have produced presidents and Nobel Prize winners, scientists and Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, heads of state, explorers, poets and statesmen. Walking around the campuses is an overwhelming and somewhat humbling experience, when you consider all the Greats who have hurried down these paths, worked in the libraries and pushed the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding. You too could follow in their footsteps.

Coming full circle, we return to the original question, whether Yale is better than Harvard. Yale is prettier, I believe, while Harvard has very, very slightly more cachet. Yale students mention happiness more than their Harvard peers, but they all agree that these Ivy League universities shaped their lives, and gave them the best possible start in their careers – as well as an amazing network of friends and colleagues to take with them into the future.
In the end, when it comes to deciding where to apply, you should follow your heart and see if it pushes you towards Yale or Harvard.

I want to apply, what is my next step?

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