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University of Warwick is an outstanding public research university, located in Coventry, a stone’s throw away from Stratford upon Avon, and yet only an hour’s train journey from the capital. Its excellent teaching and high, world-class research output have established Warwick as a leading university, ranked 10th in the UK, and 67th globally (QS Rankings, 2024).

Virgin Media found that Warwick was the most “digitally-savvy” UK university, and its resources are second to none. The university is the only UK member of the New York Centre for Urban Science and Progress – the applied science research institute –  and it currently boasts 40 research centres, many international strategic partnerships and close links with industry. 

Unsurprisingly, Warwick’s graduates are highly sought after in the job market, and the university’s careers consultants provide effective support, by running careers fairs, workshops and networking events throughout the academic year. 

Is it difficult to get a place?

As a member of the prestigious Russell Group of UK universities, Warwick is a very popular option and, on average, its acceptance rate is 7.7 per cent. The university rarely has courses in UCAS Clearing as a result. 

Warwick offers 196 courses and has a student body numbering over 29,000, 35 per cent of whom are postgraduates.  Some 36 per cent of students  are classified as international students, and of this number 10 per cent come from the EU. 

Warwick Business School, which is based in London, and is ranked 3rd in the UK and 9th globally, is particularly competitive , while its Politics and International Relations course, ranked 1st in the UK, is also heavily over-subscribed, as is Mathematics, ranked 10th globally. 

If you are thinking of applying for a place on these extremely popular courses, you will need to start working and aiming for high grades!

How do individual courses rank at Warwick?

According to the league tables, the following 17 subjects are ranked in the UK Top Ten courses:

  • Drama, dance and cinematics
  • French
  • Philosophy
  • Linguistics
  • Physics and astronomy
  • Bio-sciences
  • History of art, architecture and design
  • Mathematics
  • Classics and ancient history
  • Business and management
  • General engineering
  • Creative writing
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Italian
  • Chemistry
  • Accounting and finance

University of Warwick study and research

Given its size, resources, research budget and links with international centres, the University of Warwick study and research is not only high quality, but expanding from year to year. It  has focussed on subjects such as:

  • Music therapy
  • Second-wave feminism
  • Complexity theory
  • Contract theory
  • Computing standards
  • Cyber security
  • Television studies etc…
  • Sustainable cities
  • Food
  • Innovative manufacturing and future materials
  • Modelling the mind
  • Behavioural economics

In addition, Warwick has a strong reputation for its research in the field of decision sciences – namely, economics, statistics, mathematics, finance and management. The university favours an interdisciplinary approach  in its work .

Is Warwick a campus university?

The University of Warwick is a campus university based in Coventry (not Warwick, the home of the famous and breathtaking castle!) and is set in 720 acres. 


Birmingham is the closest large city, 20 minutes or so away, and ideal for shopping excursions, while Coventry itself provides a welcoming environment for daily life. 

Many students choose to live in Leamington Spa, a more traditional, middle-class spa town, which is however slightly more expensive, when it comes to taking transport to and from campus. 

The campus is well served by buses, and has banks, cafes, a health centre, bars, shops, hairdressers and chemists , as well as an enormous  Sport and Wellness hub, built at a cost of £49 million in 2019. In addition to  the 60 acres of playing fields, the  hub offers excellent track and field , has a pool and facilities for playing any number of different sports. 

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