Artistic courses

The creative arts cover a vast range of subjects and courses, which can be loosely grouped into art, design and media and crafts, and include architecture, fine art, photography, creative […]

MBA in USA or Europe

The MBA, or Master’s in Business Administration, is a highly prestigious, sought after postgraduate qualification, which originated in America in 1908 at Harvard – but is now being taught in […]

Studying medicine in Europe

What are your thoughts on studying medicine in Europe? As we all know, getting a place to study medicine in the UK is extremely difficult. Not only are medical courses […]

EU Business School

EU Business School – Gain an international business perspective Founded in 1973, EU Business School is a private institution, with four campuses, in Geneva, Barcelona, Montreux and Munich. A highly […]

Studying in Sweden

Studying in Sweden combines gaining an excellent education and enjoying student life in a sustainable, liberal country, with a landscape that takes your breath away. Currently, over 38,000 international students […]
Why study in Belgium?

Why study in Belgium?

Studying in Belgium is an attractive, and often overlooked, option for international students. Situated between Germany, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg, it is ideally placed for visiting nearby cultural treasures, in the UK and Western Europe, and has  an […]