Best Student Cities in Europe 2024

Which are the best student cities in Europe in 2024?

Europe is rich in history and offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in very different cultures while studying at some of the world’s great universities.

Excellent transport links open the door to exploring neighbouring countries and developing an understanding of how the continent has changed and its contribution to art, science, literature, and politics. The list below reflects the ten most popular and highly rated student cities, based on up-to-date feedback.

Best Student Cities in Europe: Dublin, Ireland

Best Student Cities in Europe Dublin  Ireland -Cliffs-of-Moher
Dublin is not only home to some of the best universities in Ireland but it also houses the headquarters of many top companies in the world. Therefore, many international students choose to study in Dublin

Dublin is one of the best student cities in the world.

Dublin has been climbing up the student cities rankings for a number of years, as more and more students decide to study in Ireland, thanks to its excellent education system and affordable tuition fees – and its warm, welcoming people.

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is a historic ancient city, dating back to Viking times, situated on the mouth of the River Liffey, with 1.2 million inhabitants and a student population of approximately 125,000. Its medieval quarter and fabulous Georgian architecture provide a stunning backdrop to the lively and highly sociable life of the city. Tradition and history are woven into the fabric of the streets, and music is its heartbeat.

Local pubs host jigs, Irish dancing, and sing-alongs; and you will always be welcome and encouraged to take part and to join in, preferably with a glass of Guinness in hand.

The young and diverse community is as keen on sports as breaking into song, with Gaelic Games, rugby, and soccer attracting huge crowds at Croke Park and the Aviva.

Dublin, the vibrant capital, comes alive at night with a plethora of clubs, theatres, cinemas, and restaurants, catering to students of all budgets. This city strikes the perfect balance, offering a cozy and welcoming environment while providing an abundance of options and activities.

With its student-friendly atmosphere, Dublin stands out as the ultimate destination for students in EuropeExperience the best of student life in Dublin, the top student city in Europe.

The monthly cost of living: 1500 €

Famous landmarks: Kilmainham Gaol, Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin Castle

Leading universitiesUniversity College, Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin City University

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Best Student Cities in Europe - Edinburgh, Scotland

Best Student Cities in Europe in 2024 - Edinburgh, Scotland
Unlock a world of academic excellence and cultural wonders by studying in Edinburgh, a top student destination in Europe.

Is your dream to study in Scotland? Scotland’s magnificent, imposing capital city has played a major role in British politics and power struggles for hundreds of years and has historic landmarks and monuments which demonstrate its influence.

Edinburgh spreads across seven hills, and has many different faces: Leith on the coast is far quieter than the Haymarket, and neither has the small village vibe of the Old Town and the New Town.

Edinburgh is a green city blessed with beautiful medieval and neo-classical architecture and hundreds of welcoming pubs, restaurants, and bars.

Ancient alleyways and cobbled lanes are home to vintage shops above ground, while a network of subterranean vaults and tunnels, including a labyrinth of 17th century streets, or closes, under the Royal Mile, can be explored, to understand how people lived in Edinburgh 300 years ago.

If you are fearless, you could join a ghost tour and savour the crimes and scandals which took place in the capital’s streets.

Is Edinburgh affordable for international students?

Housing some of the top-ranking institutions in the UK and the world, Edinburgh is among the favorite destinations for international students. The cost of living in Edinburgh can range from £300 to £1100 depending on whether you live on-campus or off-campus.

Edinburgh is an extremely lively, sociable city, with a large student population. In August its energy goes through the roof, when it hosts the largest arts festival in the world, with over 50,000 performances organised over a period of three weeks.

Whether you are interested in literature, satire, dance, poetry, theatre or comedy, you will be bowled over by the international acts which flock to Edinburgh to showcase their new ideas, routines and performances.

In January, the whole country celebrates Burn’s Night, and recites Scotland’s favourite poet’s works, while ceremoniously carrying in a flaming haggis- sheep’s heart, liver, lungs and stomach mixed with oats – to be washed down with shots of whiskey.

Haggis, oatmeal, shortbread, cranachan, Cullen skink, and Cock-a-Leekie are all traditional Scottish dishes, along with venison and wild salmon, and the cuisine is warming and nutritious and well suited to Scotland’s climate.

In terms of travel, Edinburgh is well connected with the world through its international airport and has a  reliable local public transport system and rail links to the rest of the UK.

Many students fall in love with Edinburgh, its atmosphere, conviviality, and community spirit -some even make a point of researching family links to Scotland, in order to wear a kilt in the right pattern of tartan…

The monthly cost of living: 1100 €

Famous landmarks: Arthur’s Seat, Holyrood Palace, Royal Mile

Leading universities: The University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University,  Edinburgh Napier University,  Robert Gordon University

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Best Student Cities in Europe: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is ranked as one of the top five safest cities worldwide and is a treasure trove of canals, museums, parks, and festivals just waiting to be explored. 

Amsterdam has long been a popular choice of destination for international students, attracting students and visitors from all over the world. Thanks to its picturesque, charming architecture, gabled narrow houses, and network of canals, framed by inviting cafes and restaurants.

Amsterdam is the ideal city for bicycling and is small enough to walk everywhere, but If you do want to rent a bike, there are many companies available, since the Dutch are passionate about biking.

Amsterdam celebrates the Golden Age of the Netherlands, the 17th century flowering of art which shaped European culture. Its museum district contains collections of great art spanning hundreds of years which you can enjoy at your leisure. The floating flower market and the tulip stalls found on many city corners remind us that this is the home of crocuses, hyacinths, and daffodils, which burst into bloom in March, and are followed by gladioli, dahlias, and carnations – all plants which thrive in the Dutch weather and are exported, as bulbs, across the world.

Amsterdam is a short day trip away from Keukenhof Tulip and Flower Garden, which demonstrates why the Netherlands has been given the title “the country of flowers”.

Amsterdam is pretty, lively, and visually and culturally rich. It is an ideal place to study.

If you want to have a different type of sensory experience, and eating is more your style, Amsterdam offers a range of delicious street foods, from Dutch pancakes heavy with cream and fruit, to its famous Stroopwafels, snert (a type of pea soup) and kibbelung, tiny morsels of battered white fish served with mayonnaise and slices of lemon. Of course, a trip to the local market – and there are many -will reveal the wealth of cheese available in Amsterdam and you can dance off the calories in one of the city’s many nightclubs.

In conclusion, Amsterdam is a fantastic choice for students from overseas, standing out as one of the Best European Cities for Students. With its multicultural environment, English-friendly atmosphere, safety, and abundance of cultural and social activities, Amsterdam offers an exceptional student experience.

The monthly cost of living: 2200 €

Famous landmarks: Rijksmuseum, Royal Palace, Van Gogh Museum

Leading universitiesUniversity of Amsterdam, Free University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam School of the Arts

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Best Student Cities in Europe: Paris, France

Best Student Cities in Europe in 2024 - Paris, France
Studying in Paris as a university student is an unforgettable and enriching experience. The city’s cultural heritage, academic excellence, and vibrant atmosphere create a perfect environment for personal and intellectual growth.

Studying in Paris offers access to top-class educational institutions that consistently rank among the best in Europe. The city is home to prestigious universities such as the University of Paris, École PolytechniqueParis-Sorbonne UniversityÉcole Normale Supérieure Paris, and many more. These universities have a strong reputation for academic excellence, providing students with exceptional learning opportunities and resources.

The University of Paris, known for its diverse range of study programs, offers a comprehensive educational experience across various disciplines. École Polytechnique is renowned for its focus on science and engineering, attracting talented students from around the world. Paris-Sorbonne University, with its rich history in humanities and social sciences, provides a vibrant intellectual environment for students. École Normale Supérieure Paris is highly esteemed for its rigorous academic programs and nurturing a community of bright minds.

Studying at these top-ranking universities in Paris opens doors to unparalleled educational experiences, cutting-edge research facilities, and world-class faculty.

Discover an extraordinary student life in Paris, one of the best student cities in Europe!

Immerse yourself in a vibrant academic and cultural atmosphere, surrounded by rich history and artistic heritage. From romantic boulevards to exquisite cafes, iconic figures like Hemingway and Picasso have left their mark. Explore the Seine’s banks, bask in bistro delights, and indulge in French cuisine. Paris entices with fresh markets and fashionable outlets. Each quartier offers unique experiences, from Le Marais to Montparnasse. Enjoy live shows, exhibitions, and sports events.

Students benefit from discounts and free museum access. Paris is a diverse, stunning, and ideal city for students.

The monthly cost of living: 1940 €

Famous landmarks: Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Palais Garnier

Leading universities: ENS, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris-Sud University

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Best Student Cities in Europe: Barcelona, Spain

Best Student Cities in Europe in 2024 - Barcelona, Spain
“Studying in Barcelona has given me an incredible experience filled with diverse friendships, enriching cultural encounters, and inspiring academic opportunities. The city has broadened my horizons and provided me with unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime” – Sophia, Marketing Management

Is Barcelona a good city for European students? 


Studying in Spain in Barcelona, you’re guaranteed to meet people from all over the world. There are also lots of international companies based throughout the city, so you’ll have a good chance of moving seamlessly from your studies to an international career in Barcelona.

Barcelona is blessed with perfect weather, since even in the winter the thermometer is unlikely to fall below 10 degrees Celsius, and this fact, along with easy access to four miles of golden beaches, means students can enjoy relaxing outside the confines of lecture halls by using the cheap public transport system to revise in the sun.

In the summer months, festivals come to Barcelona, and Sona and the Primavera Sound Festival attract young people from all across Europe to enjoy the music, while more traditional Catalonian experiences can be found at the Festes de la Mercè, the Dia de Sant Jordi, the annual Carnival, Flamenco Festival and Sant Joan.

This mixture of cultural, religious, and artistic fiestas means that there is always something to do in Barcelona.

Sports lovers will need no introduction to the Grand Prix which screams through the city, and the huge crowds that spill out on the streets whenever FC Barcelona is taking on its great rival, Real Madrid.

Barcelona’s student life

Barcelona is absolutely one of the world’s best places to be a student. There are several major universities, so student life is really active here. The universities have tons of activities going on, and even better, Barcelona’s an international city so it’s easy to make friends from all over the world.

From the city’s Gothic Quarter to its Roman ruins and many museums, Barcelona reflects its long history, traditions, and culture with pride. The city provides a unique backdrop for international students and many opportunities to immerse themselves in the lively traditions and way of life that mark Barcelona from the rest of Spain.

The monthly cost of living: 1500 €

Famous landmarks: Park Guell, Battlo House, Sagrada Familia

Leading universities: University of BarcelonaTechnical University of CataloniaPompeu Fabra University, EU Business School 

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Best Student Cities in Europe: Embark on an Academic Adventure in: Warsaw, Poland

Study in Poland, Warsaw. Best Student Cities in Europe 2024. Warsaw. Student Life
“Warsaw was the ideal place for me to study due to its exceptional academic opportunities, vibrant cultural scene, and welcoming atmosphere. The city provided a stimulating learning environment, rich historical heritage, and diverse international community, allowing me to grow academically and personally while creating lifelong memories.” Patrizia, Business and Management

Is Warsaw good for international students?

Warsaw like many other Polish cities has lots to offer international students. As well as some excellent universities and great career opportunities, Poland has a much lower cost of living than many European nations, making it the perfect place for those living on a student budget.

Warsaw has long been a hidden treasure and has now made it onto the list of the best European cities for students  – a well-deserved accolade for an amazing student destination.

Warsaw was heavily bombed during the second world war, but you would not think it, since its citizens faithfully rebuilt their beloved capital, and today the old town’s pink, green, lemon, and light blue houses still stand around the cobbled streets and squares which make up this stunning part of the city.

Warsaw blends the old with the new, the large early 20th-century apartment buildings with their heavy ornate doors opening into courtyards, standing cheek by jowl with glass-fronted modern architectural extravaganzas. Over the river in Praga district, experimental neon museums and some of the country’s finest dining experiences testify to a mood of freshness and excitement, as the city pushes the boundaries of the traditional and the possible. Grand palaces and immense post-war architecture are integrated with a thriving performance art scene, modern malls, and an atmospheric café culture.

What to do in Warsaw as a student? 

If you are a student in Warsaw one thing is sure! You will never be bored. Warsaw has everything, from the summer jazz day festival, Chopin concerts, Vistula River summer parties, and international cuisine,  to street performers, spas, Baroque architecture, and antique markets where you can pick up icons and army uniforms – and everything in between.

Discover why Warsaw ranks among the best student cities in Europe!

This affordable city offers a wide range of attractions and activities for students, including Chopin recitals, pub crawls, traditional cruises along the Vistula River, museums of illusions, cooking classes, field trips, and picnics in the beautiful Mokotow Park. With its excellent transportation system, including subways, trains, buses, and trams, getting around Warsaw is a breeze. Plus, don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in the delicious local cuisine. Explore the wonders of Warsaw, your ideal destination for student life in Europe!

Monthly cost of living: 850 €

Famous Landmarks: Lazienki Palace, Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw Old Town

Leading universities: University of Warsaw,  Warsaw University of Technology,  Medical University of Warsaw

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Berlin: Unveiling why it's among the best student cities in Europe: Berlin, Germany

Best Student Cities in Europe in 2024 - Study in Berlin, Germany

Why Berlin is good for international students?

Berlin has just secured its place on our annual list of the Best Student Cities in Europe! As an affordable European capital, Berlin offers an ideal living environment for students, especially when it comes to shared accommodations and taking advantage of budget-friendly supermarkets like Aldi and Netto, which can be found in every district.

Berlin, one of the Best Student Cities in Europe, offers a vibrant and multicultural atmosphere that is perfect for students pursuing their studies. The city is renowned for its wide range of famous clubs and nightclubs, providing ample opportunities for students to explore and enjoy their time in Berlin.

With its dynamic nightlife and diverse cultural scene, Berlin creates an exciting and engaging environment for students to thrive academically and socially. Immerse yourself in the energetic atmosphere of Berlin and make the most of your study experience in this exceptional city.

Berlin, recognized as one of the Best Student Cities in Europe, offers a wide range of options that cater to every budget. Whether you prefer high-end shopping or budget-friendly activities, Berlin has something for everyone. Make sure to take advantage of the incredible student discounts available, reaching up to 50 percent off. These discounts apply to various establishments, including bars, restaurants, cafes, museums, events, and even travel.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore Berlin while enjoying significant savings as a student.

Berlin, one of Europe’s top student cities, comes alive during the spring and summer months. Berliners eagerly flock to outdoor spaces like Tiergarten, Tempelhof, and Schlossgarten, taking part in the city’s vibrant concert and film festivals. Notably, Berlin hosts its own Fashion Week, attracting fashion enthusiasts from all over.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Berlin’s lakes, streams, and canals offer excellent opportunities for rowing and swimming. A truly unique experience awaits at Liquidrom, an underwater spa where you can relax and float to the captivating sounds of underwater techno music.

Berlin’s cultural scene is a true delight, featuring remarkable attractions such as the surreal Design Panoptikum, where you can explore an exhibition of peculiar industrial objects. The Monster Kabinett, an extraordinary fusion of robotic art and haunted house thrills within the setting of an art gallery, is also a must-visit. Berlin’s experimental and cultural legacy continues to thrive, making it an ideal destination for students seeking a vibrant and enriching experience.

Immerse yourself in Berlin’s captivating outdoor activities, diverse cultural events, and unique attractions. Discover why Berlin is regarded as one of the premier European student cities, offering an unparalleled blend of adventure and cultural exploration.

Prepare to be surprised by Berlin’s distinctive offerings, such as the Tajikistan Tearoom, the extraordinary abandoned amusement park, and the Street Art Alley. No matter your interests and passions, Berlin is sure to cater to your preferences, providing you with a wonderful student experience in a unique and quirky city.

The monthly cost of living: 1850 €

Famous landmarks: Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Museum Island

Leading universitiesFree University of Berlin,  Humboldt University, Technical University of Berlin

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Best student cities in Europe in 2024 - Prague, Czech Republic

Best Student Cities in Europe in 2024 - Study in Prague, Czech Republic
“Studying in Prague has been an amazing experience. The city’s beauty and culture have made my student life here truly unforgettable” – Maria

Studying in Prague, a highly regarded European student city, offers numerous advantages. First and foremost, the Czech Republic provides an affordable lifestyle for students, allowing you to manage your expenses while enjoying your academic journey.

Additionally, Prague offers low tuition fees compared to other European destinations, making education accessible to a wider range of students.

Moreover, Prague boasts a wide range of study programs to choose from, catering to diverse academic interests and career paths. Whether you’re passionate about arts, sciences, humanities, or business, you’ll find a multitude of high-quality study programs in Prague.

Beyond academics, studying in Prague allows you to immerse yourself in a vibrant social and cultural scene. The city offers a plethora of social and cultural activities to enhance your overall student experience. From exploring historic sites to participating in cultural events and enjoying the lively nightlife, Prague provides countless opportunities to engage with its rich cultural heritage.

In conclusion, studying in Prague offers the perfect combination of an affordable lifestyle, low tuition fees, a diverse range of study programs, and abundant social and cultural activities.

Prague is an extremely affordable and attractive student city, with one of the best Christmas markets in Europe, and a plethora of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architectural wonders and historical sights to attract the eye.

Straddling both sides of the Vltava river, and linked by a cheap and reliable public transport system, Prague is renowned for its local beers and even offers beer spas, where you can dunk in the brew for half an hour. Beer halls compete for custom with the capital’s many cafes, pubs and restaurants. The food is ideal for a student budget, and very filling, with goulash, trdelnik (a sweet cake shaped like a chimney)and a variety of dumplings and pancakes among the delicious everyday staples.

Much of the centre of Prague is pedestrianised, but you can also rent a segway or a bicycle for getting about. When it comes to entertainment, you can choose between opera, classical music, ballet, attending a cabaret, nightclubbing and wandering through Střelestsky Street, the so-called hipster’s paradise, or adding a message of peace to the many which decorate Prague’s John Lennon wall.

A cruise downriver reveals another side of Prague, the castles and historic bridges which add to the city’s fairytale magic atmosphere, and attract thousands of students from all over the globe to come and study in its gorgeous environment.

Monthly cost of living: 1000 €

Famous landmarks: Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St Vitus Cathedral

Leading universities: Czech Technical University,  Charles University,  Czech University of Life Sciences

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Best student cities in Europe in 2024 - Rome, Italy

Best Student Cities in Europe in 2024 - Study in Rome, Italy

Rome and Florence’s popularity among international students, you have tons of great programs and universities to choose between for your future studies! Why to study in Italy in Rome?  Well both cities have been considered major educational centers since the Renaissance.

Rome, the Eternal City, reflects 3000 years of art and culture around every corner. From the Trevi Fountain to the riches of Vatican City,  not forgetting Michelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel, your visual senses will be overloaded by the treasures you see every day.

Food lovers will melt at the sight of the many gelati, suppli, pizzas, gnocchi and bowls of tiramisu on display in trattoria windows and the capital’s cheap and well-connected public transport system will help you discover the many layers of history which make Rome such a fascinating place and attract thousands of visitors every year.

Student discounts abound, and you can also take advantage of free entry. For example, Raphael is buried in the Pantheon which does not charge to allow you to immerse yourself in Ancient Rome. You could also buy an espresso and relax in Piazza Navona, originally a Roman athletics stadium, and marvel at Bernini’s La Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi as you watch the many street performers. If you want to get a feel for a typical Roman neighbourhood, far from the tourist centre, why not cross the river to Trastevere, with its medieval houses and old streets, or simply rent a bike and set off in any direction and see what you find.

Rome is a fascinating city, as thousands of students have testified, and an ideal location for enjoying a wonderful lifestyle while getting your degree.

Monthly cost of living: 1300 €

Famous landmarks: Colosseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps

Leading universitiesSapienza Università di Roma,  Tor Vergata, LUISS  Guido Carli

Study in Rome, Italy: Embrace the Eternal City’s Rich Heritage and Academic Excellence

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With the plethora of options among the Best Student Cities in Europe, choosing where to study abroad can be challenging.

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